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5 years in the industry

I create immersive branding experiences across web UI, visual display and retail spaces, print and packaging, and multi-channel marketing.




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I know product.


Graphic Designer at Microsoft

Digital Marketing and Visual Merchandising campaigns for US Retail Channel Marketing Team featured across Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, Staples, Fry's, and Fred Meyer. Successfully increased traffic, sales, and online visibility across all categories.


Visual Merchandiser at Max Studio

Merchandised shops and increased revenue in 20+ managed stores, local and travel doors. Consistently beat sales plan and raised performance to 1st-5th ranked US stores in the country. Worked with Leon Max company President and Nordstrom Corp. Buying Team in Seattle.



Pixel pusher and creative powerhouse; I know print and digital marketing when it comes to customer-facing sales. I design an engaging end-to-end user experience across all platforms; from branding and advertising to in-store consumer experience.





Hi! I'm a Graphic Designer based in Seattle, WA.

I am a graduate of Western Washington University with a BA in Graphic Design and five years experience as a design and marketing professional. My work spans across multiple platforms to create smart solutions for a variety of projects. I'm always excited to be presented with something new!

My professional experience ranges from small, family-owned agencies to corporate settings like my latest venture at Microsoft. Like my work? I'm open to new freelance gigs for large and small projects.